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siteSentinal Services Price Schedule

Watchman Services
Account Setup:

$15.00 for Account and One Domain

Additional Domains Setup:

  $1.00/per Additional Domain ( Maximum of 11 Domains per Account)

Monthly Fee:

$10.00 for One Domain

Add'l Domains Monthly Fee:

  $1.00/per Additional Domain ( Maximum of 11 Domains per Account)


  Invoiced Quarterly(Email) - Payment by check or money order

Description of Watchman Service

Service includes 24/7 monitoring of a domain or domains at 10 minute intervals. If the domain does not respond for 30 minutes an email is sent to the designated contact alerting the client that the domain not responsding. Another email is sent when the domain begins to respond. Record of the domains availabilty is available online. Client is provided a username and password to see the history of all the domains in the account.

Payment for Watchman Services

Payment are made to siteSentinal by check or money order. After the client completes and submits the signup form, an account is created and the domains put on line. An invoice is emailed the client for the setup fee and three months of fees. After the first invoice, the client will receive an email invoice every three months with the next payment due date. If payment is not received by date indicated on email invoice the service is suspended. We are considering online payments but at this time continue to work on an invoice and mailed payments system.

If You Agree with the terms and conditions of the service you may sign up for
Watchman Service

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